Blog Nissan Pulsar 1.5 Twin Turbo:D

Nissan Pulsar 1.5 Twin Turbo:D


So after doing some research about transportation opportunities here (in NZ) i decided to buy some "reliable" "muscle" car :D


My first plan was to hitchhike. BUT. Buuuuut.  It is not so easy.

1. not so many car in south of south island  & west of south island (because of rough weather etc bla bla bla).

2. ian not girl 

3. i dont look like a girl

4. i cant use girl to hitchhike for me (coz iam here alone)

5. i dont know , iam lazy maybe:D

6. i can live in this car so i will save some money , Yeah......

You can also use trains & buses but you are limited and you simply cant visit all nice places

So i just bought this car.

Below are some juicy details.



Age: unknown (i have just 2 keys and paper that iam owner :D )

Kilometer: 326 000

Engine: 1.5L Petrol, Twin turbo:D

Transmission: manual (of course)

Name: Herry:)

Price: 850 NZD ~~ 550EUR ~~ 6 900 000 IDR (seee,seee how cheap are cars outside Indonesia...seeee... Indonesians....seeee :D)

And some more pictures because you are totally interested.


Beast 2

beast 3






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